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 Moving Hosts!
Posted by Bridget - 10-25-14 15:56 - 0 comments
We'll be moving hosts after Halloween. New changes will be made, most prominently that a minimum age cap will be institutionalized. Please wrap up any ongoing threads within the next two weeks.
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 Mature Password Change
Posted by Knife Ear - 05-27-14 02:06 - 0 comments
Seeing as it's been a year since the last password reset, I went ahead and did that. Message one of the staff members for the new password if you are eligible to view the mature threads.

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 Overhaul Complete
Posted by Bridget - 04-9-14 00:20 - 0 comments
Yay, we're finished at long last. For those just coming in, we're seperating characters into lore (which contains modern and medieval boards) and non-lore (which contains all freeform boards). YOUR CHARACTER DOES NOT HAVE TO CONFORM TO LORE TO BE PLAYABLE. A character that doesn't conform to lore simply can only play on the freeform bo more
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 Lore Discussion
Posted by Bridget - 03-20-14 00:15 - 98 comments
This will be a long ass discussion. You're responsible for speaking up for the species you play. You may have to negotiate with others on your species; everyone will to a degree. Don't be a dick and be reasonable. EVERYTHING HERE IS NEGOTIABLE/DEBATABLE.

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Posted by Bridget - 03-18-14 23:32 - 0 comments
So I'm currently in the process of revamping factions. In a faction? Own one? Don't see it? Don't flip. It's still there, just invisible. I need a list of all the factions that are going to want to still function and if anything needs to change about them. SO. Here we are.
[P.S. When I've updated your board, it'll have more
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 Save My Thread!
Posted by Bridget - 03-18-14 19:56 - 0 comments
This thread will be up for two weeks before I begin moving recent threads. However, any thread that has not been posted in after three weeks will automatically be moved regardless. If you have active threads you'd like to keep out of archives, please let me know via the form below. If your topic is moved accidentally, please use the same form more
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 Site Overhaul
Posted by Bridget - 03-17-14 03:20 - 22 comments
So I'm going to be shortly re-hauling the entire site. Cleaning everything up, revamping things and updating everything. There will be some changes and they'll be noted at the end of the overhaul. A few of the things I'm contemplating are giving a few general, overhead plots that are optional for people to engage in but affect the worl more
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 Cbox rules updated
Posted by FierceOcelot - 12-18-13 22:23 - 21 comments
This is a reminder, an official reminder, to everyone that the rules about the cbox have been updated earlier today, particularly rule number 5. Going to link you all to it HERE so that you can read up on all of them, and so that I don't nee more
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 Godmodding and Arguing With Staff
Posted by Knife Ear - 10-18-13 02:09 - 0 comments
I feel like this really shouldn't be an issue that needs to be addressed, but it is, and so, here I am.

A few issues have been brought to my attention, and they have been discussed (at length) among the staff. It has been unanimously decided that all new characters absolutely MUST have a way of being defeated. If your character is a more
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 New Rules
Posted by Knife Ear - 10-17-13 03:10 - 29 comments
Hello, fellow RRians.

After some discussion between the staff members, we've decided that certain things on RR need to be enforced.

Firstly, on the subject of spelling and grammar, it has been decided that a basic grasp of spelling and grammar is REQUIRED to join RR. That being said, typos and the occasional grammar mista more
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