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Oct 16 2016, 12:41 PM
It's been years since Luci last came back to the U.S. and it is nothing like what it was before, how the world changes so quickly. What does the rest of the world look like now, she wondered. She jumped down from the dimensional door and took a light step out onto the street and pranced through the streets, looking about her in wonder.
Her strange and skimpy attire earned her stares and glares, but with everything so distracting she couldn't notice or care. Everything was just so shiny! Light glinted blindingly from the high-rise buildings and dazzled her. Her many voices chattered away in her head, ooing and aahing everything in sight like the tv store that boasted beautiful clear pictures on a flat screen, unlike the blurry techno color box, last time she visited.
And the art exhibit. Oh how art had changed. She may not have been alive back when the Earth was younger but her mistress had shown her to take a glimpse of artist at work all the way to the Greeks. Now popular art was different, fresh, rebellious even. Back then everything was just flashy and colorful, not sleek at all like...she stumbled onto the main street at an intersection and found neon signs everywhere and a wide screen bombarding her with colorful adverts and flashing ugly lights, spoke too soon.

"Gaah! Too bright, too bright!" she cried and retreated hastily into an alley, rubbing frantically at her eyes.</p>

"Waaahaaaa, I want to go hooooome!!" she felt her tantrum voice coming through.

<p>A voice in her head adopted a reasoning tone, "Already having second thoughts? We have a task to do, and we can't go back until we finish it."

"But she'll understand if we can't?"

"But we don't want to disappoint her."

Luci grumbled reluctantly, it was true. She owed a lot to her and her mistress loved her unconditionally. Well she was her first and only Herald but all the same, it wasn't as if Luci could pretend that she didn't save her from a world of hell, that day they met. Damn, sometimes she just made too good of an argument with herself.
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