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 The Blood Soldiers Registry
Rayven Brightmoor
 Posted: Nov 17 2014, 11:52 AM

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London, UK

the blood soldiers

the anti-human faction



"Aut vincere aut mori." We shall return humanity to it's rightful place–on bended knees before immortal-kind. We shall cause suffering and misery to humanity to further our goals without remorse, for the rightful balance of nature must be restored. The days of the predator fearing their prey are ending and we will conquer them once again to preserve ourselves.


1. Never divulge any information regarding the organization to outsiders unless authorized to do so.

2. Obey the commands of your superiors. Unauthorized refusal is considered a betrayal and the punishment is death.

3. Betrayal is not handled by the organization. The marking all members carry on them activates upon such offense and consumes and destroys the bearer. Resurrection is impossible after the mark has been activated.

4. All members essences (souls) are collected upon death and stored within the headquarters. Resurrection into a new body is approved upon either a former agreement with the deceased or a request from a chapter commander. All essences are resurrected after a maximum period of twenty years.

5. Do not kill a fellow member unless authorization is given.

6. Do not steal from a fellow member unless authorization is given.

7. Do not kill other non-humans without just cause.

8. Do not spare humans out of pity; kill man, woman and child alike.

9. Report to your superiors regularly and on time.

10. Advise a superior and destroy anything that may compromise the safety and effectiveness of our organization and it's members.


London, United Kingdom. The headquarters is a massive underground structure sitting miles below the city, the modern construction of which was begun post-WWII during the reconstruction from the bombings. The structure is large enough to house all of the organization at once but it's usual capacity ranges from 8-16%. The structure is built in a spherical shape with the upper 3/4 of it dedicated to housing, weaponry, independent food storage, data storage, training facilities, prison cells, ect. The lowest quarter of the structure is a massive essence storage room, filled with countless shelves and clear spherical containers for holding the souls of currently deceased members. The entire structure is self-sufficient for most members and specialty care is taken for those with specific needs. The headquarters has three entrances/exits to the surface, all of which can be locked and made virtually impassible through thick metal and magic. The main one is in the basement of 'The Black Widow', a bar in downtown London. The second is under the Houses of Parliament. And the third one is a long tunnel that links up with multiple organization-owned houses and businesses that runs parallel to the Thames and ends at the English Channel.


First Commander

Second Commander

Third Commander





From strongest to weakest, the rankings are First Commander, Second Commander, Third Commander, Chapter Commanders, Majors, Chiefs, Privates and your everyday Initiate. The positions of First and Second Commander have remained virtually unchallenged since the creation of the Blood Soldiers; none are willing to challenge Rayven and few would go against Alexander at risk of enduring Rayven's wrath. The Third Commander has occasionally changed and is usually referred as an honorary position for those who have truly proven their worth to the organization; they are typically exceptionally strong and flawlessly loyal.

Chapter Commanders are typically very old individuals who served in medieval times during the height of the Blood Soldier's hidden war on humanity. However, there are a few specific individuals who only started fighting in the last century; they are usually incredibly powerful and driven individuals. They command the nine chapters (the First Commands the home base of London) throughout the world and only answer to the Third, Second and First. They are responsible for ordering and leading missions within their given area and keeping their chapter house clean and full of beds for wandering members. Commanders are typically either appointed by the First, Second or Third if killed in action or win their position by challenging a the current Commander in an honorable battle and either defeating them or killing them. The battle typically takes place after a challenge is issued and occurs in one of the underground training facilities available for all chapter houses; it is always monitored by at least five other Major or Chief members for honor and fairness. Whenever a new Commander is chosen, the new Commander must gather all Major members they are in charge of and re-establish the binding ceremony which allows them to keep in touch with the higher up members without being physically before them.

Majors are the top of the top when it comes to actual soldiers; they are strong, faithful and very capable of themselves. They have completed numerous missions directed to them and are considered very dangerous individuals. Majors can choose to do solo missions or work together in groups; they have earned the right to accept and deny missions depending on their personal situations. Typically, Majors have been in the organization for at least two hundred years; it is not unheard of though for some Veterans to have joined during WWI and WWII but it is uncommon and those specific members are typically well-known for their feats and prowess in battle. Upon becoming a Major, individuals are taught how to use their marking to contact their Chapter Commander through a binding ceremony. Majorss are only obligated to report in to their chapter heads once every six months, either in person or via a their marking. Majors are allowed to wander freely and belong to multiple chapters at once. Major status is acquired by challenging another Major and defeating them or proving their worth through contracts and being promoted by your Chapter Commander.

Chiefs are highly respected; they have proven that they are a cut above the usual rabble and are usually the leaders of small, organized squads in their chapter(s). They occasionally have Major mentors that they can choose to accompany. Chiefs can only reject two assignments a year of their choosing; all other contracts must be completed regardless of personal feelings. Chiefss are free to wonder with permission from their Chapter Commander; however, they are obligated to check in with their Chapter Commander in person every three months for contracts and conformation of life. Chief status is achieved by defeating a chief member or performing exceptionally well at their duties thus proving your worth to the organization.

Privates are your typical rabble that have made it out of initiation alive; they are the most common (and abundant) member of the Blood Soldiers. They are allowed to choose their chapter(s) but are more restricted in their movements; privates are required to get permission from their Chapter Commander to leave the territory their chapter is in charge of (as such, most simply choose to join a chapter in the area they typically live). They are only allowed a month away from their chapter head at a time; privates are not allowed to turn down any missions thrown their way.

Initiates are brand new members who've just gotten their mark (typically described as a very intense pleasure or pain depending on their personal reason for joining); initiates have usually already performed a simple task given to them and are now in the process of waiting for or participating in the bi-annual two-month-long intense training regimen (jokingly referred to as 'Hell Training' by it's survivors) that all members go through since the beginning of the Blood Soldiers. It's now typically held in The Wolves Den, a barren, desolate area from the Chernobyl nuclear reactor meltdown in the '80s; initiates are put through intense sessions of combat, torture practices (both inflicting and receiving) and drills to increase speed, stamina, strength and loyalty. Those who survive the intense training (and yes, initiates have in fact died before trying) are allowed to choose their chapter house and are promoted to private. Initiates are free to do as the please while waiting for training as long as they meet up at the specified location for their training and do not do anything that might disgrace the Blood Soldiers; they are kept tabs on through their markings by the closest Chapter Commanders in that area.


To be initiated into the Blood Soldiers, you have to either be invited or be clever enough to hunt them down and find one of the members and convince them to give you their recommendation. Initiation very rarely deviates from the typical procedure; regardless of whether you've been invited or you found them on your own, you will be taken to a specified area and given a time frame to cause as much chaos as possible and to bring back a certain number of human heads as proof of your accomplishments. If you succeed in your endeavors, you will be given 'the mark' on your right shoulder blade. The marking is etched into the skin by either Rayven herself--which is preferred as it is far simpler and quicker--or by one of the many skilled tattoo artists that make up the Blood Soldiers. The marking, either touched into existence by Rayven's demonic influence or inked into your skin with her own black blood, serves as not only a symbol of your allegiance but a security measure against traitors; the mark cannot be removed as it is burned into your skin, muscle, bone and even your very soul. Being such a deep commitment, traitors don't exist in their ranks because the moment a traitorous action is committed the marking roars to life and consumes the bearer.
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