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 Pedrone, Edrik, Human Wizard
Edrik Pedrone
 Posted: Aug 21 2015, 02:34 PM

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Human Wizard
New York, NY
You will always kneel.

edrik pedrone



BIRTH DATE: AUG, 21, 1880


Height: 6'2”

Weight: 174 .lbs

Edrik Pedrone has the lean body of a runner and carries himself with confidence. His hair is a raven black and always kept slicked back away from his bright blue eyes. Edrik is often seen wearing expensive suits and named brand clothing. While he personally doesn't care what he wears he understands that people are often judged simply by the way they look, so he makes sure to take meticulous care of himself. A quirk of a smile can almost always be seen, as if he knows something you don't, which may be true considering what the man is. When he speaks it is often quietly, as if he is telling you a secret. He rarely raises his voice or lets any emotion crack through his calm exterior.


Edrik needs order, he is dominant and normally the quiet type, but when does speak he needs people to listen to him, and he tends to be the thinker. He looks forward, he doesn’t care about what happens now, in the present time. He is extremely judgmental and while he might not always vocalize his displeasure he will not forget it. Edrik is a good listener even though he doesn’t care much for how others feel, heis good at observing others and learning from them.

On the flip side, Edrik can be naive at times, believing his own abilities and knowledge will pull him through whatever he faces. When he does anger he looses his cool violently, reaching out to punish what angered him. He is also not a forgiving person, if you've crossed him he will remember and he will come back for revenge, on his terms. Being Edrik's friend is not easy, if he judges you an idiot or incompetent he will not bother to give you the light of day. Edrik respects power in one form or another, be it mundane or magical in its nature and he is always striving to acquire more.


Cane/Sword - Edrik often walks with a very ornate cane. This cane hides an enchanted sword in its depths. With a twist and flick of his wrist a long thin silver blade can be revealed. The sword has been enchanted to help cut through magical defenses as well as for strength and durability. The Cane also serves to help Edrik focus and control his earth magic, helping the magic to be more precise.

.38 Special Revolver - While not fancy this gun is reliable. Which is exactly what Edrik needs when more sophisticated guns tend to break and jam around him.

Pentacle Necklace - The pentagram is the symbol of Edrk's faith and he has as much belief in it as a christian has in the cross. This could very well make creatures weak to 'holy' effects based on faith shy away from the necklace when its shown.

Leather Bracer - This is somewhat of an oddity for a man that dresses in the latest fashions. But on Edrik's left wrist is a leather bracer that has copper woven through it. The Bracer is enchanted to aid Edrik's water evocation, specifically his defensive minded spells.

Fathers Ring - His fathers special ring, its is simple silver with a black diamond at its center and thirteen smaller white diamond set around it. This ring does not help with evocation magic, but it does aid Edrik with thaumaturgy rituals designed to summon creatures.


Arcane Knowledge: Edrik is a wizard, knowledge is his forte. As one might expect, he is incredibly knowledgeable about different creatures, artifacts and powers in the world.

Fencer: Edrik is an exceptional fencer, even just dabbling in it. The years have allowed him to slowly become skilled.

Magic: Edrik is able to tap into the natural energies of the world and shape them to his will, albeit with effort. Edrik is capable of both evocation and thaumaturgy. As far as evocation is concerned, he can use all five classical elements with extreme proficiency but is exceptionally skilled in both Earth and Water magics.

Wizards Constitution: Despite popular belief Wizards are not frail old men, not generally at least. Edrik recovers from wounds and sickness just a little faster than your normal human. Edrik will also live longer than a normal human, while he is not immortal he will live for a very very long time.

The Sight: Edrik has learned to open his third eye, perceiving the magical world in great detail. The downside is that anything seen with The Sight can never be forgotten and is always vivid. The problem is that the human mind isn't always good at processing what it sees. Emotions and and relationships shine like webs. Energy pulses. Dreams and nightmares boil in the air. The past, present, and future have a little hoedown right in front of you. It's hard to make any sense of it.

Soulgaze: Edrik has the ability to gaze upon another persons soul directly – but only the first time they make more than a moment of eye contact, and only if that individual has a mortal soul and the aren't shielded or protected in some other manner. This is a double-edged sword, just as he sees into someone else they see into him. This is to see each other as they truly are, each person bares their true-self to the other getting a full measure of who each other are and what each is truly capable of. (This is something we work out before hand in a PM.)

Money: Edrik has spent over a hundred years building up his bank accounts and investing in different companies. He is an extremely wealthy man.

Magic is life's essence. It is generated by living things, and may be thought of as akin to the concepts of Odic force and prana. However, the human heart and soul is also powerful source of magical energy. There's more magic in a baby's first giggle than any fire that a wizard can call up. Emotions are a kind of channel for magic, a path to carry energy to a practitioner.

Casting a spell as a three-step process. The first step is to gather energy. The second is to shape that energy with one's thoughts and feelings for achieving one's goal. The final step is to release the energy in the intended direction. It's like using a firearm: first one must load ammunition (gather energy), aim the weapon (shape the energy with intent), and pull the trigger (release the energy).

Mortal magic is done in one of two ways; evocation and thaumaturgy.

Evocation is the most direct, spectacular, and noisy form of magic, or sorcery. It can only happen in direct line of sight. The evocator would have to be in the same room as their victims. This type of magic is what is mainly used in direct combat situations. The ability to use it without ritual allows more focus on combat than anything else. It usually works best with a focus depending on the skills of the wizard.[While it takes a while to learn a new evocation, it has the advantage of being able to be used on the fly.

Many refer to evocation as "Quick and dirty" magic. It usually draws directly from the wizard's will and is turned loose without benefit of a guide or limit. It is dangerous and difficult but it is useful for throwing around a lot of energy. That energy is usually manifested in one of the classical elements as described below.

Air: Air is the element of motion and freedom, and most of its key effects are motion-based: powerful gales to knock over foes or throw object around, the movement of objects to the wizards hand, or shields of swirling air current to push harm away.

Earth: Earth is the element of stability, gravity, and grounding. Ultimately, everything rests on the earth, and its practitiones take advantage of thi face by calling up protective walls of stone, shaking the ground underfoot, and keeping themselves stable regardless of the surrounding circumstance. Earth is also the element that governs magnetism; earth mages often use this to their advantage, strengthening or dampening magnetic fields to achieve various effects.

Fire: Firs is the element of consumption and deconstruction, and it is the first resort for those who wish to deal massive carnage to their foes. Besides the classic image of the fireball-throwing Wizard, this element allows for a more subtle range of effects, allowing a wizard to apply or remove heat from an object or area and to melt small objects like locks or other barriers.

Water: Water is the element of entropy and change. Its chief power is changing the state of things, as water tends to do: eroding, dissolving, disrupting, decaying, dispensing, disintegrating. While many people wouldn't consider water to be a very damaging element, you have to think about the kind of insidious damage water does: dissolving stone, rusting metal, warping wood- even pummeling or s icing if it's a high-pressure jet of water. It can also flood, suffocate, assist in chemical reactions, and so on.

Spirit: Spirit is the element of the soul, the purest expression of will. In a way, it's the most ;basic of the elements – the translation of the wizard's raw desire into energy – and its presence tends to transcend different traditions of magic, being a core element in every one. Spirit effects tend to manifest as raw kinetic power, and even bend the energies around people and object to make them appear invisible.

Thaumaturgyis the process of creating magical links between objects or people. Magic flows through one object and is attached to the other. Is it often said "As above, so below. Make something happen on a small scale and feed it enough energy to happen on a large scale." Most thaumaturgy requires something to connect the object being used to the greater object, such as blood, hair or nail clippings, etc.

Thaumaturgy is the safest, most reliable method of doing magic.

Thaumaturgy sets up the Construct physically and allows the Elements to act as a lens through which theWizard then focuses his power. Because the Wizard doesn’t have to keep his construct in mind as he casts (because it’s right there in front of him), he can concentrate more on his casting and thus produce much more stable, more subtle, and stronger effects. Thaumaturgy also allows the Wizard to draw power from sources other than himself: bound spirits, forces of nature, or the assistance of others. Over time, the effects of Thaumaturgy are more powerful than those of Evocation: while a blast of fire may injure, a ritual curse can leave you and your offspring crippled for generations.

Most of the traditional spells found in tomes, or those passed down through schools of sorcery, are basically Thaumaturgy. If you follow the recipe of the spell and feed in the power it requires, the spell/ritual will work. Of course, some recipes are going to be more complex than others, and may require the use of rare/expensive items and elaborate preparations.

Hexing: Mortal spellcasters and technology just don't get along. When the spell start flying the tech starts frying. Objects made post WWII tend to not last long around wizards that start casting spells. Cell phones, cars, computers, and just about anything with a computer chip in it will cease to work in a Wizards presence. This means that taking Edrik to a hospital when he is injured simply isn't possible, unless you want to risk the equipment near him malfunctioning and people dying.

Fatigue: The more a wizard uses magic without resting the more fatigued he comes, both physically and mentally. The bigger and more powerful the spell that faster the wizard becomes fatigued. A wizard, if drawn to much, can actually kill themselves or, more often, render themselves unconscious because they are unable to cope with the stress magic puts on their bodies.

Backlash & Fallout: Sometimes a wizard draws more power than they can safely control. When this happens one of two things generally happen, the wizard sucks up the uncontrollable power and suffers the effects physically and mentally, becoming much more fatigued than he would have if he successfully cast the spell. This is known as backlash. The other option is fallout, in which the Wizard lets his uncontrolled energy explode out around him for some undesired effect, while this saves the wizard from Backlash it puts everything and everyone around him in danger.

Down and Dirty: Evocation is essentially combat magic. It cannot be used for the more fine things that require time and preparation. It does two things; attack and defend.

Threshholds: Commonly, the word threshold is used to describe the barrier that is formed around a home by the simple act of people living in it and regarding it as a place of safety, shelter, and family. The stronger the send of 'home,' the greater the threshold. A wizard crossing a threshhold uninvited leaves a large amount of his magical power at the door - not all of it, but certainly enough to make him think twice. (Roughly 2/3rds of it)

Never Forget: While a Wizard Sight is a powerful thing, the things they see with it they remember forever. With perfect clarity. The psychological effects this has on the human brain can break a lesser person. If Edrik were to see something incredibly horrible with his sight it would stay with him forever, possibly driving him insane.

7 Laws of Magic
The 7 Laws of Magic are not simply arbitrary laws, they are fundamental rules of magic that effect the user and pertain to human mortals. Breaking these laws will likely not only bring some crazed-sword-swinging wizard down on Edrik, but they stain the very soul.

First Law – [i]Thou Shalt Not Kill
Specifically this refers to the killings of humans, with magic.

Second Law The Shalt Not Transform Others This means no shapeshifting of other beings. Sorry, no turning enemies into toads.

Third Law Thou Shalt Not Invade the Mind of Another Forcible magical violation of someone's mind by extracting knowledge against there will is inherently destructive.

Fourth Law Thou Shalt Not Enthrall Another Enthrallment is the term for dominating another human's mind and personality through magic by binding their will to your own will. As with mind-probing, magically controlling the mind of another person is an inherently destructive and evil act – is is almost impossible to control safely and precisely, and taints the user of the power as well as the subject even if done with the best intentions.

Fifth LawThou Shalt Not Reach Beyond the Borders of Life This Law covers the research and practice of necromancy, described as the summoning, binding, and exploitation of the unwilling dead.

Sixth LawThou Shalt Not Swim Against the Currents of Time This law forbids time travel, with the purpose of avoiding paradoxes due to any attempt to change the past through temporal manipulation. Even divination of the future is frowned upon in all but the vaguest, most general instances

Seventh Law Thou Shalt Not Open the Outer Gates This law forbids th contacting of outsiders. Creatures outside our plane of reality.


Edrik Pedrone, born to the late William and Antoinette Pedrone. Edrik was born into the life he now lives, that of magic. Edrik's father was a Wizard of some renown at the time while his mother was what later be come to called a 'kitchen-witch'. William, when not pursuing arcane studies, was a joint-owner of a large bank in downtown New York. This made the Pedrone's a very wealthy family in he late 1800's.

William and Antoinette were unable to conceive a second child despite many attempts, making Edrik their one and only offspring. Even from an early age Edrik displayed considerable magical talent, generally in the form of dreams. It would no surprise that William would begin to teach his son how to control his natural talents. Like one might expect of a Wizard Banker, William used his magic to his advantage; subtly and slowly removing the competition and getting an edge.

This tactic, while perfectly legal according to the laws of magic that William adhered to, made enemies. Very powerful supernatural and mundane enemies. Before the turn into the 19th century, while Edrik was in his late teens, a group of thugs and gangsters raided the house while Edrik and William were away. They returned to find Antoinette dead. In a fit of rage and anger William used his magic to summon a creature of the abyss and seek out who was responsible.

Blinded by rage and grief William locked Edrik in the cellar of their mansion and went for revenge. By the time Edrik broke free and tracked his father down it was too late. Edrik walked in on a murder scene, bodies were melted and disfigured. Twisted in horrible and agonizing ways. Edrik then stumbled upon his father on his knees, a cloaked man standing near him, sword raised over his head.

Edrik watched his father die. He watched in horror as his head was severed from his body. It was then that Edrik was confronted by his fathers killer. He learned that his father, and by extension himself, belonged to an group of magically talented individuals that policed their own. William had broken one of their laws and there was only one punishment for a lawbreaker. Death.

Angered, afraid and alone Edrik was all but lost. He drifted for several years, selling his fathers bank and retreating into their mansion where he studied his fathers notes and practiced magic. The turn of the century passed him by as he huddled underground, learning and preparing.

Hatred was the motivator with which Edrik worked. It gave him clarity, purpose. It was during his times of study that he learned of another world, a much bigger, darker and dangerous world. A world where the horrors of legend and creatures of the night prowled. It was the world to which he truly belonged.

After several years of living a life cut off from the world Edrik decided to put his knowledge and skill to use, unlike his father he would not try to monopolize the banking industry. Instead he took his fortune and invested in growing companies, he would use his influence, magic and other world connections to make sure there was profit involved. Despite his success and growing power as a Wizard Edrik never forgot his purpose, his ultimate goal. Revenge.

Through the course of his studies Edrik learned that Wizards lived much longer than humans. In fact, there had never been record of a Wizard dying from age. He also learned the laws of magic and studied them to a T.

It was the 1950's before Edrik decided to get his revenge. He used his resources and skill to draw out his fathers killer. False information had been planted, the trap had been set. His fathers killer came to dispense his own special brand of justice. But when he arrived he instead found himself ambushed by a dozen vampires, Edrik's allies. Despite his skill the unnamed man succumbed to his wounds and dropped his sword. It was then that Edrik came into the picture, scooping up the silver bladed sword in one hand.

He knew that he couldn't kill a mortal with magic so instead he raised the sword over his head like he had seen the man kneeling before him do over seventy years ago. Like the night that Edik's world fell apart he watched as a mans head was cut clean from his body. He left with the silver sword, a mantle piece to be hung above his fire place.

For the past sixty five years Edrik has kept a rather low profile. He has largely kept to himself and his art. Though he continues to to invest in certain businesses he often does so secretly under falsified names and aliases.

Played by: Tao / Taoofbalance

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