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 Becoming Third, Tag: Rayven <3
Vexxis Kilvi'ir
 Posted: Jul 23 2016, 05:11 PM

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Drow Shade
Aut vincere aut mori.

Things had never been simple for Vexxis Kilvi'ir, but he found himself truly tested serving under Rayven the Damned. Over a period of several years, he had risen through the ranks thanks to skill and more than a few friendly throats cut, but he was not satisfied. He would not be satisfied until he had the demon commander's full attention, and perhaps she knew that. He might have been imagining it, but he thought she seemed pleased whenever his ruthlessness cost her another follower and gained him another rank, but perhaps he was just projecting that feeling on her. He liked to think he could read people rather well, having gotten plenty of practice with sensing ulterior motives in the Underdark, but she was different somehow.

It was so difficult to tell, it was almost maddening.

The position of third was changing hands more often than any position he'd claimed thus far. One would almost assume it was not an ideal position to obtain due to its high mortality rate, but Vexxis had always been an ambitious man, which is part of the reason he had not gotten on well in the drow city of Eryndlyn. Ambition in males was strongly discouraged.

Still, despite his desires to yank this position out from under the insufferable orc that currently occupied Rayven's attention, he could never seem to get the man away from Rayven even for the half a second it would take to end his miserable life. He stalked the orc constantly like the shadow he was, and never once did the third in command notice he was being followed, but there was a reason he was third. He had a suspicious mind, even if he never saw who was vying for his position, he knew there would be an attempt soon.

Vexxis was less worried about the orc's skill at combat and more worried about making an impression. He wanted quick and silent. He didn't want Rayven to know that she would have a new third until the orc was already gone.

His opportunity arose in the face of one of the local majors stopping the orc in the hallways to ask for conformation on their most recent orders. Rayven continued on her path, rounding a corner, and as she did so a smirk twisted Vexxis's shadowy features. Before the orc could open his mouth to answer the major, Vexxis materialized behind him, drawing his blade clean across the third in command's throat. Dark blood sprayed across the major's shocked face as the orc sunk to his knees, grasping out the angry mouth Vexxis had created in his throat until he hadn't the strength even for that any more and he fell face first to the floor with a thud.

Grinning at the bloodied major, Vexxis held a long finger to his dark lips to silence the man before sheathing his blade and strutting off after Rayven. He rounded the corner and found her easily enough, as she was lounging against the wall not a foot away, gazing at him as if she'd expected him and not her third. This stopped him in his tracks momentarily before he continued the few steps toward her.

"It seems there has been another change in rank, jabbress, though it appears you were expecting this."

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