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Shyael Tlanbourn


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Jul 30 2015, 10:15 AM
This was her first visit to Sydney, Australia. She should have come here decades ago. It was amazing. Not just the city and it's zoo, but the country. So much wild left. She wouldn't be surprised if there were dozens of types of non-humans living out in the bush with the Aborigines. She unlocked the key to the cage and stepped inside where the female Komodo dragon lay under a light muscle relaxer. It wasn't enough to knock her out, but it was enough for Shy to check and make sure she was in good health to breed and have her moved to the vet area at the zoo. These huge dragon like lizards were known for attacking people so there was no other option. It was possible even drugged, she could still get hurt, but it was less likely if she was careful.

The blonde stepped up to the dragon who looked at her lazily, just curious what she was. The huge lizard was gnawing at something and Shy thought she smelled blood. Frowning, she stepped around to the other side of her. The big girl hissed at her and she froze, giving her time to settle before she saw what was wrong. She had gotten her foot caught in the drain for her enclosure. The relaxant had her too weak to actually pull it free and she was trying to chew her way out. 'Shhhhhh, it's alright girl. Let me help you." She kept herself calm as she reached her hand out and put it on the grate where her foot was trapped. Shyael didn't even think twice, she could help and she was going too. It wasn't like anyone could see what she was doing. They'd just think she pulled her free.

Opening her power, a bit like a faucet, she let just the tiniest bit of power out, focused on the grate to get her foot free. One of her fingers was actually on the lizards foot. When it happened, she felt it. It was like her stomach jerked to the front of her body as her transmutation power decided to take on a life of it's own. "No... no.. no... you've done so good for months now... no." She tried to pull it back, but it was like the handle on her faucet broke off and she just couldn't stop the flow of magic. She gasped as the grate did turn to dust, but the komodo dragon was beginning to grow and change. Shy stumbled back with a gasp as the thing roared in a way that lizards shouldn't be able too. "Not good. Not good."

Why did she have her whole life together except for this?!? She had money, she had nice things, a good job, but when her power game into play, nope. Something went wrong far too often. The dragon was getting so big now that she was going to get crushed. She ducked under it's leg and bailed out the door, backing away, staring into the enclosure, eyes wide as the beast began to strain the walls holding it. There was a loud explosion of glass and wood, sending Shyael flying backwards hard into a wall as she tried to shield her face. She was stunned from the blow, laying there gasping for air as she stared up at the former lizard. She now looked more like her name sake, a dragon. Wings were slowly forming from her back as the creature raged and clouds of ice and mist came from her nostrils. Oh... not good. Better than fire?? Maybe. She scrambled up and away from the mess that she had made, not sure what to do. "I need help... but... there's no one. Ok, think Shyael. Think. You have to turn her back, or kill her. Try turning first." Turning back toward the dragon she started to go towards it, but at that moment it flapped it's wings and moved more into the zoo, multiplying the people screaming and running in terror. "Wings. Why did it have to have wings?!? Alright, Shy, get your shit together." She sighed and ran her hands into her hair with a groan, completely lost on how to fix this.
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