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 A Helping Hand, Poppy // Hadrian
Poppy Attwell
 Posted: Apr 9 2015, 10:54 AM

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Spirit of Spring
Female | Her
Hallstatt, AUT
As she talks, her lips breathe spring roses.

She crouched to tie the laces around her calf a little tighter, tugging at the top of the soft leather boots. Her eyes caught a small cluster of toadstools and her mind wandered to the possibility of fairies. Poppy's mother and father had raised her to believe what she may, but told her to not let her imagination wander too far.
A cool breeze flitted past to kiss her cheeks and bring her back to reality, turning the tip of her nose a soft shade of pink. She rubbed her hands together and looked around, realising that she wasn't sure where she actually was. The trees that surrounded her gave off a strange feeling like there was something that didn't quite belong, and she only knew that she needed to fix whatever problem was plaguing them.

So she stepped carefully over the toadstools and towards a pine that had grown beside a massive mossy boulder, the covering a similar green to the plain dress she wore, the garment belted around the middle with a braided strap of leather the same light color of her boots. She stooped beneath the low branches of the pine and touched her hand to the rough, sticky bark which seemed to shiver beneath her soft touch. Smiling at the tree, she whispered a quiet word of reassurance to it and moved out from beneath it's needles, looking at the cracked boulder. Her eyes stayed on it as she circled it - well, as much of a circle as she could, getting only a half of the way around it before there were more of them. It was a strange array of rocks, all of varying sizes, spread further than she immediately thought. All of the plants around the stones seemed to be ill at ease, and even the moss seemed relieved at her presence.

She gently touched the largest of the rocks, the damp moss gladdening beneath the soft reassurance of her palm. She decided to climb atop the rock to get a better view of the arrangement. It took a few tries before she could gain enough purchase to climb up, but she did so, and stood triumphantly with her hands on her hips, looking across the arrangement that seemed to vaguely resemble a crude humanoid being.
And then there was a rumble. It was faint at first, lasting only a few seconds, but she had to hold out her arms to steady herself. Then it rattled again, stronger this time, and she wabbled unsteadily on the slippery boulder, feet losing their grip. It then shook so violently beneath her feet that she slipped from her perch, falling to the forest floor, a pained scream coming from her as she grazed the side of her left leg on the rough stone. She stared, frightened, at the stones as they trembled, scrambling backwards from them as the earth upturned and the stones came together, and if she hadn't felt the stinging pain in her leg, she would have sworn it was a strange dream, for they sat upright like a man.

She sat for a few heartbeats, just taking in the stoney creature and it's bulky shape, rocks freshly cracked, semi-precious stones glimmering from the breaks, moss still clinging to the outer layers and roots holding each rock together like muscle. It was strangely beautiful, and she became less afraid as it became still once more. She stood slowly, cringing as the hem of her dress stuck to her graze. But her pain was soon forgotten as she looked at the sentinel being, a stone golem.

She made a sound of wonder, raking her golden hair from her eyes, and then the cold fear gripped her again as it's great mossy head turned towards her, stones grinding against each other. The head-stone cracked into what looked vaguely like a face and then, as if a lever had been pulled, a great root-twined arm swung from beside it and down towards where Poppy stood. She shrieked, diving out of the way just in time. The great arm slammed into the earth, shaking the forest and crushing whatever had been unlucky enough to be beneath it; which thankfully, was not her. From the great stone head game a noise akin to a grunt - it sounded like two large stones being crushed together, and somehow had enger behind it.

Her eyes widened as the golem tried to clumsily push itself to it's feet. She could tell that if it stood it would be over 10 feet tall, but didn't want to stick around to find out. Whatever it wanted, it wasn't Poppy alive.

She would have screamed, but fear had gripped her by the throat. Instead, she whipped around and tried to run, the sudden thump of a stone footstep far too close to her making her heart jump in her chest and her eyes water in fright, but she stumbled and fell as the golem slammed a fist down only a few meters from her. I need to get up into a tree, was the first thing she thought. Height equaled safety, right?

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Hadrian McAlister
 Posted: Aug 26 2015, 11:59 PM

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Human, Warden

It was a gloriously warm and beautiful day to be traveling in the old country, newly anointed as Austria not a handful of centuries ago. Hadrian was a climbing a rocky hillside within the forest when he heard from a distance a towering movement and sounds of stone echoing through the woodland. The flocks of birds and creatures seemed to flee from the origin of the sound, which spoke of violence or predators, though there were few predators outside of mountain trolls that could have made such a racket. He didn't make out the cries or screams prior because he wasn't listening out for them in the first place. He expected this place to be serene and empty of mankind, or at least those patient enough to learn the ways of the forests and entities that were bound here.

Though he could hear the stones move, he began to hurry to the site of impact, given that it had continued, whatever it was, was perhaps chasing prey. The only thing he could think of that was immature or ill-experienced in the natural order that infected the body with the urge to flee was Human. Sighing he hefted his staff and began to climb, the world around him allowing him freedom of movement and speeding his progress toward the area. Hadrian wasn't actually that far away or at least close enough to spot the mountain of stone moving with singular purpose after what looked like a female of some description.

His brown leathers and jerkin stretching with effort as he rushed forward waving his staff, his voice though slow and steady, echoed hurriedly as if to warn off the golem. Boots crashing down against stone and soil as he stared toward the two beings, wondering if he should even interfere. His breath escaping from those worn lips through a lightly managed beard. Those worldly blue eyes of his seemed to take in everything or as much as he could of this unfortunate affair.

"Creature, stay your hand! return to your slumber"

His voice steady, his Scottish accent blatant and unrelenting as the Golem seemed to turn it's head toward him mid motion, it's body and stones grinding as it seemed to evaluate it's surroundings. Ignoring the warning, the creature continued toward the woman and with it, Hadrian continued to close the gap, though he was still a good distance away to contend with the magical beast. Hadrian hoped the woman would use the slightest hesitation the stony fiend had in order to escape.

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