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 Knife Ear, Staff Application <3
♗ Knife Ears
Posted: Feb 20 2012, 03:57 AM

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Group: Former Staff
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Member No.: 311
Joined: 21-December 11


Age: Twenty-one.
Gender: Female.
Desired Position: Moderator.
Date Registered: December 21, 2011.
Roleplaying Experience: Seven years role playing, probably five or six years moderatorating/administrating.
Staff Experience: I've brought several sites to life, and I've always been in charge of graphics and layouts for the sites that I've been staff of. I was an admin at the long-running Hogwarts 1996, at 19 Years Later. I have also created several of my own sites, none of which are currently active at this moment. I'm experienced in HTML, graphics, moderating topics and boards, and accepting character applications.

How do you feel about staff members bickering between each other? I really don't feel there's any excuse to bicker between staff members. Everyone here is mature enough to know better. Bickering between staff members sets a poor example for the rest of the members. Staff members are supposed to be paragons, and are supposed to set standards regarding the rules. If the staff can't be expected to follow the rules, why should members feel like they should?

If there is a disagreement between staff members, it should never lead to an actual argument. It should be worked out between those members in a civilized way, and if necessary, other staff should get involved to settle the matter before it becomes an issue, and that's only if the two (or more, of course), cannot settle things themselves. If the staff members continue to insist on arguing, I believe that their moderating or administrating powers should be temporarily frozen until they've matured a little and can see where they were wrong.

How do you feel about staff members gossiping about other members? Well, that entirely depends. There's good gossip and bad gossip; and example of "good" gossip being that you could be talking to another member about how So-and-So is such a good player. Gossip is talking about another person without them knowing about it, or without including them in the conversation. My opinion on gossip is entirely dependent on the circumstances presented. I really see no problem with staff members gossiping about how awesome What's-Her-Name has been toward the newer members of the site. However, it really is best to keep your opinions of other members to yourself.

As for what I'd do if I found that staff members were gossiping about a member of the board, I'd intervene and try to talk reason to them, assuming they were talking badly of the person. I would tell them that I think what they're doing is extremely irresponsible and immature. I would handle the situation with extreme care, careful not to start an argument. I, for one, would not engage in gossip about another member of the site simply on principle. It's just not nice.

How many warnings should a member receive before it's acceptable to ban them? That also entirely depends on the circumstances. If they did something as severe as using offensive language to insult or degrade another member, I believe it's rather appropriate to ban them on the spot without a warning. For less severe cases, like a member who has a tendency to power play a bit, I think it's fair to warn them a couple of times before suspending their account temporarily. When, or if, they come back, if they continue to power play, then I think they've been given fair enough warning to then ban their account. Different circumstances and different rules call for different actions when the rules are broken.

As a staff member, if I caught someone breaking the rules, I would use my better judgment to decide the best course of action. As I am only applying to become a moderator, it would not be within my power to ban people, which is just as well because I would rather leave that decision up to the administrators that have been hear longer. However, I would do my best to handle the situation at hand as calmly as possible, and if necessary, I would draw the attention of the other staff members to the issue if I cannot decide the best course of action or if the best course of action is something I do not have the ability to follow through with. Moderating a forum takes team work, and I would always look for the other staff's point of view on a situation before making a decision on my own.

What do you think makes a role playing board successful? To put it simply, what makes a role playing board successful is its people. Obviously there need to be people to keep a forum going, but it also entirely depends on how the people interact with each other. If the members are constantly bickering back and forth then it won't be a very successful role play board at all. I also think that staff have a major role on how successful a role play board is. When I first joined this site, the thing that made me stick around wasn't the number of members it had, but how welcome the staff and a number of the members made me feel. I had been so nervous to join a place where I didn't know anyone, but after being so warmly greeted I decided that this was the place for me. I think that's what makes newcomers want to stay.

This may be a personal preference, but I also think that a role playing site is far more successful when it has a smaller member base. I prefer having fewer members and knowing all of them to having hundreds of members and being completely anonymous to everyone. It's much easier for me to write with people that I'm friendly with than it is for me to write with someone I know absolutely nothing about. When I can talk to the person about potential plots for our characters, stories turn out way better and I have so much more fun watching it all play out.

How would you describe your attitude towards other people? I'm usually quite an introverted person, preferring the company of a few very close friends as opposed to a large group of people that a mere acquaintances. I'm quite easy to get along with, and I have a lot of love to give. It's very rare that I bump heads with a person, as I don't like confrontation. I'm usually very mellow, and I'm very difficult to offend or anger. I love making friends.

I feel like there are plenty of people that would vouch for me, and I don't mean to toot my own horn, but I really believe based on other peoples' opinions of me that I'm a unique and valuable person. I'm very socially awkward, but this doesn't stop me from trying to make friends, and it doesn't stop me from talking to people I don't know. I've been known to start up a conversation with a random person who happened to be sitting near to me just because I like their shoes. I enjoy making people smile and laugh, and I really like the idea of making an impact on someone's life. I try to be that person that sticks out in someone's memory as being someone who's wacky and care-free as opposed to that one girl who refused to talk to anyone.

Additional Comments: Nope. Loves you! <3 n.n

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♔ Bridget
Posted: Feb 22 2012, 05:48 PM

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Group: Administrator
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Joined: 24-November 10

You have been ACCEPTED as staff.
Please wait for a PM from an administrator helping you accustom to your new role.
Thank you for volunteering to become staff for our site!
♗ Knife Ears
Posted: Jul 6 2012, 09:35 PM

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Group: Former Staff
Posts: 1,687
Member No.: 311
Joined: 21-December 11

Hello again! Just posting to request a promotion. I'm interested in becoming an admin for the site.

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