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 GUIDELINES FOR THE ACTIVITY CHECK, Important info to help you through
 Posted: Jan 5 2016, 03:15 PM

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The staff wanted to clarify what we were going to expect from people when it comes to activity and how this process is going to work going forward.

First, this activity check and only this one, will require you to reply to a thread stating what characters you are keeping. Failure to reply to this thread means all of your characters will be archived and you will have a three day grace period on your face claims and be returned to active status. The grace period is ONLY for THIS first check.

Now, going forward, this check will be done behind the scenes. It's not difficult for us to see who is an active part of the site. If someone is failing to meet the list below of what we consider activity, then they will receive a PM alerting them that they're accounts have been moved to inactive and they have lost their face claims. There will be no grace period on this. Of course you are welcome to reclaim if they haven't been taken when you return to being active. We also do not expect you to meet all of these, these are just what qualifies under activity, so basically you have options.

What we consider 'activity':
•2 In character posts a month from any character account, including one shots - This is the main form of activity. The rest of this list is when you are waiting on replies or in process of starting threads.
•Blog posts
•Games/Videos/OOC post in the general posting area
•Advertising the site (more info on that to come)
•Cbox activity when you're waiting on replies before you can post to your threads (This means more than just saying hi or waving)
•Leave of absence notices when you're going to be gone for long periods of time
•Common sense things that show that you are an active part of this community and wish to be here.

What does NOT count as activity:
•Logging in
•PM'ing people, even staff
•Character creation
~Why doesn't this count? You are not an active part of the site if you are creating characters and not playing/posting with them.

Being returned to active status:
•You can request your characters moved out of inactive at anytime.
•You are expected to meet the activity requirements for them to remain unarchived.
•If you request them and immediately disappear with no LOA, they will be rearchived
•You can reclaim your FC at this time if they have not been taken by someone else.

We want Rayven's Reign to be an active place like it was before. We want people here who wish to be a part of the community and have fun. Of course we understand that real life comes first, which is why we gladly accept absence notices as part of activity. If you don't wish to be an active part of the community, then Rayven's Reign and its staff wish you the best in your future RP activities and hope you find a place that suits your needs.

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