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Apr 15 2015, 02:24 PM
The redhead shifted a bit uncomfortably on the gray couch that stood in the psychologist office. She had refused to lie down on the traditional chaise lounge that stood there, this being awkward enough as it was without somebody sitting besides her; constantly asking how that made her feel. So far it wasn't unlike anything she suspected, though that didn't mean it was less awkward. With a sigh her gaze drifted from the large windows back towards the psychologist sitting across from her. "Yes. Yes I am here for her indeed. It's not like she insisted, I want to be here. For... her." She shook her head, unsure what to say or do or how this even worked. "It's just that we've been through a lot together. And me separately too. I got some anger issues I'm working on."

Again she shifted and suddenly the cracking of the leather pants that clad her legs seemed a lot louder than usual. She pulled at the olive green vest, closing it in front of the white top and crossed her arms. "Part of me feels like I can't complain. Things have finally settled down, there aren't any financial issues, I got a business that's more successful than I could have hoped for, love even. All I ever dreamed of and still there's this... Fucked up feeling of having to be on edge all the time. Like everything's just going to blow up in my face and bite my ass off."
Dec 17 2014, 02:35 PM
The basement was dark and damp. Lit only by a small lightbulb that swung back and forth from the ceiling with a soft squeaking noise. The white light made the barren grey stones seem even colder than they were, casting irregular shadows with each swing. Cold water poured from a faucet into a wooden tub, which was so full that the water sloshed over the edges with each movement and spilled onto the ground constantly. The sound of the water hitting water and seeping onto the floor seemed to be louder than usual, amplified and echoed by the stones. Gauze was tensed between the wooden edges of the tub, secured with thick leather belts, which made it look more like a cage than a tub.

And there was someone inside of there. A blonde, whose wrists were tied together, making it extra hard to keep your head above the water. Kelly would have to push her nose through the gauze to breathe, clutching the gauze to pull herself up. The water was cold and her feet tied with heavy chains, which sunk them to the bottom. She had been there for quite long already, had already been inside the bath before the water even started to run. Her domina had tied her inside the thing, locked it, turned the faucet on and walked away. Had Rachel forgotten about that? Because as things were now, the tub was overflowing with ice cold water, and keeping her head up would become trickier with each passing minute. It wouldn't be long now before the tub would be completely full, and with the wooden constructure the question if there'd be a possibility to keep breathing through the gauze remained to be seen.
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